super e Card & super e-gold Card

Our super e-card is a loyalty card with smart card functions. It allows members to accumulate bonus points as part of our Seasonal Reward Schemes. Members can also charge the card with money to make cash-free purchases.

Super Rewards

Join the privileged group and enjoy rich rewards

The Bonus Point Reward Scheme
By showing your super e-card during transactions, every single dollar you spend at city'super will be converted to one bonus point and automatically stored, enabling you to get fruitful rewards at the end of every session. The Quarterly Reward is calculated once every 3 months. Members who successfully reach the suggested amount of spending within these periods will be eligible for redemption of coupons.

Quarterly Reward

Session Period Accumulated points Redemption of coupons
Spring Mar-May 6,000-11,999 points NT$200
12,000 points or above NT$600
Summer Jun-Aug 6,000-11,999 points NT$200
12,000 points or above NT$600
Autumn Sep-Nov 6,000-11,999 points NT$200
12,000 points or above NT$600
Winter Dec-Feb 6,000-11,999 points NT$200
12,000 points or above NT$600

Smart Payment

Use the prepaid card to shop around
Use the prepaid card to shop around! It is the most convenient way for you to settle transactions and simultaneously receive bonus points. For every NT$500 stored, you will receive a 2% cash bonus. 

Exciting Benefits

Free Delivery

NT$2,000 purchase = free delivery (Except outlying islands.)

Privilege Days

During the promotion period, super e member who does purchase with super e-card can enjoy.
★Double bonus points
★Food Market: 10% Off
★Life Division: 20% Off

Superlife Culture Club

super e member who does purchase with super e-card can enjoy 10% off discount for the enrollment fee of superlife culture club.

Birthday Gift

We not only send you our warmest greetings, but also give you an exciting gift on your special day!

Exclusive Benefits for super e-gold members

super e members who have accumulated 100,000 points or above within 12 months at city'super will be upgraded to super e-gold membership.

Instant Discount

5% discount at city'super Food Market and Life Division.

Become a super e-card member

You are welcome to apply for super membership at any city'super. A one-off application fee of NT$100 will be charged for first-time applications.

(The fee is not refundable upon termination of super e membership.)

Connecting you to city'super

All our exciting benefits are immediately conveyed to members, with instant notification of birthday gift collection, coupon redemption and exclusive offers through email and SMS.

By customizing the criteria that you are interested in, you will be notified from time to time of different exciting events of city'super activities, including our latest offers, promotions, product highlights, new services or member-exclusive events.


  1. This super e member scheme is only suitable for city'super Taiwan Branch.
  2. The one-off application fee is non-refundable, and must be paid in cash. NT$100 will be charged for loss of super e membership cards.
  3. super e member who does purchase is allowed to accumulate points in either super e-card or HAPPY GO card.
  4. Any prepaid value added to super e-card will not be regarded as a purchase, and therefore will not qualify for any bonus points, free parking or free delivery service.
  5. super e and super e-gold cards are non-transferable.
  6. super e and super e-gold cards must be presented upon purchase to receive bonus points.
  7. super e and super e-gold cards cannot be used in conjunction with other discount cards.
  8. Discounts offered by the super e-gold card and VIP card are not applicable to discounted and fixed-priced items.
  9. city'super coupons cannot be converted to smart value in a super e-card.
  10. city'super is not responsible for any case of undelivered email message or notification. It serves as a reminder only.
  11. In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall apply and prevail.
  12. Should there be any dispute, city'super reserves the right of final decision.